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Manual and Automatic Lazy boy recliner: Understanding the difference in Mechanism

on July 6, 2013

“Variety of Stylist Options” is one of the best advantages buying recliner from Jason La Z Boy brand. Choosing the right one requires understanding the internal mechanism, it’s working and operational control along with relying upon the style and popularity of any model. From basic fixed position model with foot rest to automatic power lift options with attached foot rest are there to choose from. In this post, we are going to explain the structures of La Z boy recliners.

Lazy Boy ReclinerTraditional Lazy Boy Recliners:

First basic model from La z boy available at very affordable price, pretty much popular and one of the best seller of its time, comes with a clamp setting positioned at the right or left side of the recliner which users require to set accordance with the position of the back and footrest. Different adjustment of clamp position gives different reclining position to users.

With this mechanism, there are 3 fixed positions in which users can adjust back and foot support. As there is no power options, users have to set the position manually with a clamp with little force with arm, which count to be a drawback of this model. Other than for elderly use, these chairs are perfect for other purposes.

La-Z-Boy ReclinerPower Recliners:

Those who think adjusting position is annoying and think manual isn’t comfortable at all, power lift options solve the issue easily with little extra investment and maintenance cost. Adjusting position of foot and back rest at any angle and degree is the main advantage of power recliner option. As the inner frame is controlled by a motor, all you need to do is to push the button and adjust the position of your wish.

In most of the models of power recliner, lifting mechanism is also integrated to work it as electric lift chairs. So, same chair can be consumed for elderly people as lift chairs and as a recliner for relaxing purpose.

Important Notes:

Certain models like riser comes with power lift options and proved to be the best for people who want the perfect combination of the recliner and lift chair.

In both models, warranty and guarantee remained same buying form Jason La Z Boy.

Few of the models are also available with rocking options, known as rocker recliner. In this chair, you can move the position of the chair forward and backward.

Buying a recliner with power lift options are little sophisticate compared to manual one and requires regular maintenance. Certain models also come with power back up which costs you a little extra electricity usage.

Whenever you want to buy a recliner or lift chair from Jason La Z boy, above things should be kept in mind finalizing the specific model. Still confused? Visit Roth Newton, our experts will suggest you the best model of La Z boy after knowing your requirement and purpose of use.

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